Friday, May 29, 2009

Voter Intimidation: The New American Way

I remember the Philadelphia incident from the election.

Black Panthers - Bull Declaration_04.07.2009 -
New Black Panthers took up station outside a polling place and intimidated voters, reportedly brandishing nightsticks or some form of weapon. It made a bit of a stir, but was quickly wiped out of the headlines by the hysterical fever of Obama's victory.

Now we have the home team, Obama's Justice Department, dismissing charges after they already won the case in a default judgment. The New Black Panthers were so contemptuous of our system of law that they failed to show up for the hearing. Obviously, that type of behavior needs to be rewarded.

I can't wait to see what level of intimidation we see in 2010.

UPDATE: John at Power Line quotes the Washington Times that the dismissal was the result of Obama appointees over-ruling career DOJ attorneys. More Chicago style thuggery, it seems.

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