Friday, May 29, 2009

Why not just give the hell up?

"Human rights activists" are now protesting the use of unmanned drones such as the Predator in Pakistan. They deplore the loss of "innocent civilian lives".

Here's my question: When the civilian population aids, abets, conceals and supports terrorists, how innocent are they? Oh, I have a follow-up question: When a group "innocent civilians" is in the same location as a weapons cache or an Al Queda or Taliban gathering, how innocent are they? Almost done, one more: What would the "human rights activists" have us do? Surrender? Abandon those parts of the world claimed by radical Islam (that's the whole world, by the way)? Hari Kari? Convert and wear a rag on our heads?

I don't like any of the options. I don't like it that non-combatants are killed because cowardly killers conceal themselves in their midst. But I damned sure like the give up option even less.

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